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The New England Journal of Medicine’s editorial independence, clinical relevance, and user-friendly features make it an essential vehicle for reaching physicians today.

To help you reach these important physicians, NEJM publishes print editions for the United States, Japan, and Canada, as well as an International Edition that serves approximately 13,000 physicians worldwide.
The editorial content of all four editions is identical.
A European demographic edition is available within the International Edition if you want to reach physicians in Europe only.
If your product calls for broad exposure, you can advertise in multiple editions at a discounted rate, which is detailed in the box at the bottom of this page.
For medical marketers worldwide, advertising in the New England Journal of Medicine provides the assurance that your message will be seen, read, and acted on.

NEJM continues to be the highest-impact research journal, with an impact factor of 79.258.

Impact factors are calculated by taking the citations over the prior two years, and dividing those by the number of citable articles over the same period. It is intended to reflect the influence a journal's articles have had on subsequent academic work. Since the impact factor consists of two parts (citacions and articles), the NEJM team is looking at both the number of articles published and raw citations.

Why does it matter?
• The impact factor matters because authors often use it to judge where to submit important papers.
• A higher impact factor means that the journal has more credibility among fellow researchers, and the papers published at that journal are more likely to be noticed.

Poised to be the most-cited research journal in the world, NEJM seems to be an attractive place to submit important research findings!

Founded: 1812
Print Frequency: WEEKLY
Impact Factor*: 79.258
U.S. Print Circulation**: 109,967
Canada Circulation**: 3,897
Japan Circulation**: 2,864
Europe Circulation**: 8,115
International Circulation**: 12,844
* 2017 Journal Citation Reports, Clarivate Analytics, 2018
Ranked #1 among general medical journals.
**BPA, 1/18

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